The three gta v characters as portrayed in their trailers

The trailers released for Grand Theft Auto V, each focused on one of the three protagonists of the next Rockstar creates an opportunity to discover a little more personality and aspirations of Michael, Franklin and Trevor, to see through these three characters, how this new GTA condense as the best of all of the series.
Radio Gaga, Queen, and the midlife crisis of a man who, as he himself says is “rich but unhappy” in an interview with his psychologist that is reminiscent of the gangster Tony Soprano consultations in series of the same name, The Sopranos. Here is how to see the trailer for Michael, one of the three protagonists in GTA V. With its beautiful house, his luxury car, his wife and two children, Michael is a kind of Tommy Vercetti of vice city or “Claude Speed” (GTA III) would be successful but mired in a life more common, in which his son is not necessarily a reflection of his own ambitions and that his wife is cheating, his daughter makes crazy. Hence the need for action to relive again on the wire.

Left to run in races prosecution helicopter to rob banks to M-16. With Michael, Rockstar reinvents the classic protagonist. Michael has already all relationships, but Thune remain.This time will be the path in the opposite direction, to the forfeiture, with the attendance of such a psychopath way Trevor, the evil variant, which would all messed up, Michael.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but in what order?

Small-time drug dealer, in a godforsaken pour rave bled outskirts, Trevor will be the big redneck, free electron, who alongside a Michael in crisis management, one that will allow the player to unleash its anarchic madness, much like in the first two GTA, always a little less messy film well. With a character of this caliber in the band, like a type perched like The Truth, hipster GTA San Andreas, you can already imagine the most incredible situations as each other, in which Trevor is doing a sudden buckshot where Michael may be less front. The good news, even if we knew more or less already, is that the presence of a redneck dilapidated as Trevor is the insurance small suburban cities to visit, as we already did in San Andreas . And who knows if we do not assist in the redemption of freak?

But the character that evokes more in GTA San Andreas, it is of course Franklin, for which the parallel with Carl Johnson, protagonist of the version released in 2004, is obvious. As CJ, Franklin caught in gang warfare and wants to get out while taking care of its own. Suffice to say that if you kiffé punitive raids with your friends in San Andreas, you should be able to once again play ghetto, not to mention the tuning and racing cars neon with Lil Jon in the eardrums, Franklin representing the entire pan gansta rap / hip hop fanstacy in the collective imagination, Michael evoking her genre cinema and films Mann, Scorsese. A character may take Franklin under his wing, seeing in him a better son adoptive son of his own blood. With Uncle Trevor to play the good fairies …

So a mad dog Trevor, all by itself but at the same time match and dynamite, capable of offering the madness that is expected of the series, Michael which embodies the most classic characters of GTA games, a stage their unique narrative development and Franklin that contains the universe of CJ, Rockstar included basically everyone in the making of tha game and is hopefully ready to surprise many.

South Park: The Stick of Truth ( preview )

At this year’s gamescom trade day on Wednesday we had the opportunity to see some Top raters in the coming video games. But what has really impressed me most at the show, was not an event to next-gen titles or the new generation of consoles but rather the game’s presentation at Obsidian Entertainment, the legendary American cartoon series has of course found a new home at Ubisoft – the stick of truth, which, after the sad demise of a THQ – successful to my mind : this is the longest title mentioned.

In a never -ending war fighting humans and elves already since thousands of years in the artifact : the stick of truth.How does the prophecy of a hero in studded dog waste from the sands of the playground next door rise up who will be the savior of the town . And this is exactly where you come into play. For you are to become the new ‘cool’ in the city, the fourth graders without friends on the epic quest to become – cool.

The world of South Park has become a huge spectacle to LARP (Live Action Role Playing ) . On the battlefield, you have uninterrupted access to the social network, which is basically your command center and reflects the entire menu of the game. So you equip yourself with legendary weapons at this point , millions of outfit options and a number of items against hippies , jerks , shits and several other vile wickedness. As the discoverer of Stick you also have a place in the list of the coolest friends in the world secured for fourth graders . It is none other than Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny .
In the game you move through a 2D – animated world , the 1:1 graphically corresponds to the series and really hits the nail on the head for series fans . One of the most important skills in the game is the fart . The game is actually crapped on all fronts. If you want to , for example, challenge other kids to fight , after which follows a classic , turn-based combat. There are flammable materials in the vicinity , they can also be combined with the fart , which leads to say the least , that fire-breathing ass cheeks off the opponent directly , without ever having to go into a fight. The fight is then as I said in a classical way – almost . So you can indeed choose between attack skills , magic and items , but the difference is , of course, in the guise of what countless nasty and especially witty attacks promises .

For Fans of there series is there is this easy and fun guide with top south park episodes and its highlights.Check out it out here.
In Short words one can say that if you love the series or simply tolerate bitter nasty humor , this is the ultimate experience .As with the history of the show: The Stick Of Truth is , of course, also written by the fathers series Trey Parker and Matt Stone . And thus the unique humor of the series is available, these were of course set with music accordingly. It has given me quite a few laughs at  fair , and should be swallowed with a good soup of any humor. Inside its world it ‘s all about the social status . If you win , you’re the savior of the city. Then you can look at to be sure and  even the fat boy Cartman can purely move to break bread with you. If you are unsuccessful, you’re not going through the new quota – Jew , but always be the loser of the school . Appearance of the game is expected for both Xbox 360 and PS3. According to the official Ubi magazine but will from time to time spoken of in early 2014 and one of the systems Xbox , PS4 , PC, iOS and Android.